Virtual Conference Guideline





The webcast is best viewed with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9.0 or above, or Safari, with a broadband connection of 3 Mbps or above. For personal computers, please ensure that you have installed Flash Player 18 or above.


(1). Enter 2021 IASGO GI Summit online streaming platform

Please click the following link to access our 2021 IASGO GI Summit online streaming platform.


(2). Important Steps and Instructions

Step 1

Please fill out your FULL NAME in the first block (The name you type here will be shown in the system and recorded), your e-mail address (registered email in the registration system), and password will be sent out by email in the registration notice.



Step 2

Login Successfully! Enjoy this remarkable meeting!!



(3). How will Panel Discussion proceed via 2021 IASGO GI Summit online streaming platform

Panel Discussion Instructions

1. Name of the presenting speaker will be shown at the bottom of the screen.



  • To ensure the sessions run smoothly, we mute the voice function until time for Panel Discussion.
    Messaging section will be available. Due to the time difference, some overseas speakers may not go online to take questions. Moderator will announce at the Panel Discussion.


2. Please type your question in English and with the rule of: To Dr. XXXXX: YOUR QUESTIONS. All of the questions you submit will be verified by our Staff in 1-2 minutes before they show in the Q&A BOX. When you have submitted your question, a confirmation notice will pop-up at the top of the screen.

Please DO NOT repeat your submission. Your questions will be answered by speakers when time is allowed/when the speakers are online.



For emergency contact, please contact secretariat

Other technicial problem
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  • Ms. Julie WangPhone: +886-912-583-580


Registration & Login Problem
  • Ms. Shaan HsiehPhone: +886-936-106-050
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